Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

1. Privacy on the user data.

1.1. The user data will only be provided when used automated testing, where a minimum of basic information for achieving this is necessary;
1.2. The information provided by users in our application will only be used to generate statistics and other basic information necessary for the creation of tests;
1.3. It is our commitment to disclose any information, except as necessary to perform services terminated, in which case we will provide advance notice of;
1.4. We also reserve the right to disclose the information collected about users whose disclosure is required by law, court proceedings, rules imposed by any government body or where such disclosure is necessary for our rights or other user protection.

2. Application Removal.

2.1. Removal of the application must be made through the Facebook application panel itself;
2.2. Any guidelines, if necessary, on untying application with your account, must be made by Facebook itself;
2.3. By doing disassociation you can not connect to the app using Facebook;
2.4. The publications made by the application will be removed from your Timeline, if there is untying this with your account.

3. Content provided by the application.

3.1. The application generates random and fictitious contents that do not match the reality;
3.2. By using our application, the user should be aware that it is pure fiction;
3.3. The results generated by the application of the test contains a notice about the responses it generates in its title.

4. General Conditions.

4.1. When you connect Facebook with our application, you agree to our Terms of Use;
4.2. This application reserves the right to modify these Terms without notice to adapt it to possible legislative changes or information practices;
4.3. If you disagree with any of the items presented in this Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, we guide you not make use of our application;
4.4. In addition to the conditions set out in this term of Use and Privacy Policy application, you represent and agree to observe all own terms and policies applicable on Facebook.